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Please keep in mind that this was a night race and the lens that I had to use made great pictures while there was still daylight present, but when we were under lights only, there was not enough light for the telephoto lens. This made the camera use a slower shutter speed, making me have to hold the camera extremely still. While this did make some of the pictures come out blurred, it did give you the sense of speed to the cars. Some of the blurred pictures I left in just so you could see the "position pole" to see what car was in what position during the race. None the less, I posted most of the pictures even though they were blurred.


Bristol Race Pics #1


Click on the picture to enlarge.

Some of the pre-race activites.

This guy parachuted in from directly above the stadium. It was kinda neat, and got a great respose from the crowd.

notice the darkening skys?

Denny Hamlin blows another engine.

Junior during a pit stop.

Carl Edwards wins, note the finishing order on the pole.

Carl Edwards, the winner.