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Bristol Motor Speedway -  August 2007

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Bristol Race pictures #1

Bristol Race pictures #2

Bristol pictures from our 2005 motorcycle vacation

The Bristol Motor Speedway is located in Bristol Tennessee. It is a concrete half mile track (.533 mile). It is labeled the "Worlds Fastest Half Mile" track. It seats 160,000 spectators. Click here to get more track info.

Cindy and I finally made it to a Bristol race. Tickets are very hard to come by, all of the tickets are season tickets, no general admission. Therefore the only way to get tickets are by taking a chance and buying them on E-bay for about 3 times their face value, being a guest of someone who has season tickets, or a guest of one of the companies that has a suite at the track. Then there is the ticket lottery they have every year where you have to send in your name and hope that they pull your name out of the hopper for what few season tickets they have turned back in. Or you can get them the way Cindy did. After trying for 3 years to get tickets, Cindy finally got an e-mail from the track 2 weeks before the race. The e-mail listed about 10 tickets that were turned back into the track, but only 1 that had 2 seats together. We immediately e-mailed them back purchasing the tickets.

We then started trying to get a room for two nights. We had to go to Knoxville (about 100 miles from Bristol) to find a room. Getting the room was a challenge in it self, as not only did the race have a lot of the motels booked, but there was a large Harley Davidson motorcycle rally in Knoxville.

The motel was a little over 100 miles from the Bristol track, which made it a long drive back after the night race, getting back to the room at 3:00 in the morning.

Cindy has a friend at her works home office in Chicago that is on the 'Fan Advisory Board' at Bristol Motor Speedway. She advised us to get to the track the morning of the race. Even though it would be a night race, it was better to get their early in the day in order to park a reasonable distance away.

The race started at 8pm and was over approximately midnight. Because the parking lot we parked in would not allow anyone to leave the lot immediately after the race in order to let fans leave the track, we had to wait in the parking lot for 1 1/2 hours before we could start our 1 1/2 hour trip back to Knoxville.

We left for the race at 6am Friday and drove straight thru to Knoxville, arriving around 7pm that evening. (Lost 1 hour to daylight saving time). We got up and drove to Bristol for the race on Saturday, got back in our room at 3am Sunday morning, got up and left Knoxville at 11am Sunday morning and arrived home in Broken Arrow at 9:30 pm Sunday night.