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This year we went to Durango about 2 weeks earlier then last year. We stayed at the Quality Inn in Durango as opposed to renting a cabin in the mountains. We stayed there on our rewards points, so it didn't cost us anything for lodging. That made staying in town a little more tolerable.

The foliage was not as colorful this year as it was last year, due mainly to us being there earlier. However some of the higher elevations still had some awesome colors, and just the fact of where we were made it a treat.

We took a little different route on the motorcycle this year. When we got to Durango about Sunday noon, we didn't get the motorcycle out of the trailer. It was raining Monday morning when we got up, so we decided to drive the truck over the San Juan Skyway. See our route here.

Up around Delores, and then later between Telluride and Sawpit we ran into some road construction. Because of the construction we decided not to ride the motorcycle on this route on Tuesday.

Tuesday we got up and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so we took off on Highway 160 east toward South Fork, then took highway 149 north into Creede, then further north into Lake City. We stopped in Lake City and fueled up and got some Bar B Que at one of the local joints. We then proceeded toward highway 50 near Gunnison. At highway 50 we went west into Montrose. We then got on highway 550 south, going thru Ridgeway, Ouray, Silverton and then back into Durango. Check out our route here. In all about a 400 mile trip. Because of the winding mountain roads, and the speeds we had to drive, it took us about 8 hours.

The foliage was the most colorful by far in between South Fork and in and around Creede. And of course on the Million Dollar Highway, between Ouray and Silverton.

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