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Here are some Weird Wav files I accumulated on my computer. These contain no profanity.

Mike Tyson A song from Mike Tyson Nose Picker A nice song
Burp Song Reminds me of my boys growing up.    


Even though some of these do not contain profanity, some are suggestive. Rated 'R'

Dickens Cider A  commercial for Dickens Cider Clean/Dirty A song that's clean, but dirty.
Delta Airlines A commercial done in jive talk. Sex Beer A commercial for "Sex" beer.
Head Shampoo A take off on Head & Shoulders    


Ever get a laugh out of the "Real Men of Genius" or "Real American Hero" Budweiser commercials? Well here are of few I managed to find.

You might not be able to set and listen to all of these, but at least be sure and listen to my favorites that are marked (*).

Bass Plaque Maker Boom box Carrier Bowling Shoe Giver Outer
All You Can Eat Buffet Invent Bumper Sticker Writer Used Car lot Salesman
* Center Fold Re-toucher Chinese Food Delivery Guy * Fancy Coffee Shop Pourer
Supermarket Deli Meat Slicer Jelly Donut filler * Driving Range Ball Picker
Sports Fan Face Painter Giant Foam Finger Maker * Male Football Cheerleader
Male Fur Coat Wearer Garden Gnome Maker Putt Putt Golf Course Designer
* Silent Killer Gas Passer Giant Pink Gorilla Maker * Groin Protector Inventor
* Ft. Long Hot Dog Inventor Beach Metal Detector Guy * Movie Extra Guy
* Nudist Colony Activity Guy * Stadium Peanut Vendor * Pickled Pigs Feet Eater
Inspirational Poster Writer Major League Infield Raker * Losing Locker Room Reporter
* Professional Figure Skater * Supermarket Free Sample Guy * Hollywood Plastic Surgeon
Fake Tattoo Inventor Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer Toilet Paper Re-filler
Tuxedo Shop Tuxedo Renter Underwear Inspector #12 Parking Lot Flashlight Waver
* Wrecking Ball Operator Guy * Pro Wrestling Wardrobe Des. Camouflage Suit Maker
* Pit Crew Water Bottle Squirter Edible Underwear Maker  * Horse Drawn Carriage Driver
* Souvenir Snow-Globe Maker Fortune Cookie Writer * Company Computer Guy
* Giant Taco Salad Inventor * Golf Ball Washer Inventor Handlebar Mustache Wearer
* Really Bad Toupee Wearer Hawaiian Shirt Inventor Wedding Band Guitar Player