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Here are some videos that I have picked up off of the internet or that have been emailed to me that I thought were interesting or funny. I posted them here to share with you.

Redneck 911

Always there to help. 3.8 mb
Octermocty? Wear the Fox Hat? 371 kb
Computer Any KM employee can relate to this. 1.6 mb
Sniper No More now you see him now you don't. 2.5 mb
Life Everyone can relate to this. 1.5 mb
Ring Tones new ring tones for your what? 1.5 mb
Sheds Why men like to have a work shed. 2.4 mb
Spiders An interesting study of interurban wood spiders. (must see) 6.7 mb
If A woman were president. Something to think about. 4.0 mb