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  • I have been a Goal Judge for the Central Hockey league for 16 years. In that amount of time, with all of the pictures taken during play, you would think I would show up in more pictures. But it rarely ever happens. Anyway, without being to vain, here are a few pictures of the Tulsa Oilers hockey team that have shown up in the paper or web sites that also caught me in the background.
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Me disgusted, Branch ashamed Eye always on the puck, as usual. Getting ready to play Again, eye always on the puck Obviously bored with tonight's game
  • Mike had played Hockey since he was about 10 years old. He has played on travel teams and house league teams. Here he was playing defense for the Broken Arrow Tigers his Junior year. His Senior year play was cut short due to surgery to remove a brain tumor.
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  • After Mike had his brain surgery and was recovering, the Tulsa Oilers awarded him the High School Player of the Month. The award was presented by Coach Garry Unger during the intermission at an Oiler's game.