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Miscellaneous Pictures taken on some of our rides. . .

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Cindy, Cheryl, Chris & Brian at the rest stop in Joplin, Mo. Jim & "Baz" looking over   "Ole Sugar" Cheryl explaining to Cindy how much better it is to ride then the Harley "Baz" still can't believe he bought a '"Wing" Our 2000 Jim explaining that parts won't fall off like his Harley


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Terry & Charlene Brazeal, Jim & Chris Eldridge, Cheryl & Brain Bazay, and Cindy, riding HW/10 Ron & Roberta Tillman, Jim & Chris Eldridge, & Cindy. Stopped at Roaring River Mo.






Turner's Bend

on Highway 23

AKA Pig trail.

Our friends Steve

& Lynn Hanlon