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This year we took a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. To Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. And to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. In all we traveled a total of 3,384 miles on this trip.

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Our route took us to Salina Kansas where we hopped on to I-70 and stopped in Colby Kansas where we spent our first night on our way to Eagle Colorado.

We then got up and drove thru Denver, thru the Eisenhower Tunnel and over to Eagle where we spent our second night.

We then took highway 131 up thru Steamboat Springs, Colorado and on to I-80 where we proceeded to Rock Springs, Wyoming and spent our third night. Rock Springs is a very hot and dusty town. We were glad to get out of there and onto Jackson.

We then got up and drove highway 191 into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since we were having trouble getting a room in Cody Wyoming, which was on our list as our next stop after going thru Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. We decided to stay in Jackson Hole our fourth night. This meant we would have to go north to Yellowstone, and Grand Teton Parks and then back track about 100 miles back to Jackson. We drove north thru the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks and visited Old Faithful Geyser, and then returned to Jackson that evening. While in Jackson we decided we wanted to drive over Teton Pass, an 8000+ feet pass just outside of Jackson. So we took off that evening and drove over the pass to the town of Victor Idaho and then back to Jackson.

The next day we headed toward Gillette Wyoming, our fifth nights stop on our way to Devils Tower. Since there are very few roads in that part of Wyoming, we had to route back thru Yellowstone to get to Gillette.

Our route toward Gillette took us over and along the top of the Big Horn Mountain range, this was a very scenic route, but was quite steep. However the roads were good and the view from the road and the turnouts were awesome. One of the scenic turnouts seemed to be a favorite spot for some of the locals to launch their hang gliders. This drew quite a crowd of spectators.

Since our route to I-90 to get to Gillette took us only a few miles from the Montana border, we decided to make a jaunt up to Aberdeen Montana, just a few miles inside the border. Just to be able to say we had visited Montana on our motorcycle, and place another stone on our map. Then it was on toward Gillette for something to eat and our fifth nights stop.

The next morning we headed toward Devils Tower Wyoming. The spot made famous in the movie 'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind'. This was one of our favorite movies so that made it kind of unique. We saw lots of Prong Horn Antelope on our way there, including a whole herd that was up by the road. However when we tried to stop and take a picture they took off over the hill.

After Devils Tower, it was on to Spearfish, Sturgis and Deadwood South Dakota. We stopped in Sturgis to do a little shopping and then on to Deadwood. Deadwood was a neat little town nestled into the Black Hills.  It is kind of stuck in the 18th century with several casinos. However the town has kept its old western look and that made it unique.

Next stop was Mount Rushmore. We traveled south down highway 385 and over to Keystone South Dakota, another neat but highly commercialized small town jammed between the hills just outside the entrance of Mount Rushmore.

After Mount Rushmore it was time to start thinking about heading home. We left the park and traveled to Rapid City and onto I-90 headed toward Murdo South Dakota where we picked up highway 83 south, headed toward Nebraska. Since we did not have a destination, except home, we headed south on 83 to a town called Valentine Nebraska. It was getting late, and we were tired. Since we did not know if there were any other towns on our route south that would be big enough to have a decent motel we decided to stay in Valentine. We found a nice Comfort Inn with a great steakhouse right across the street.

From Valentine we thought we might be able to make it home without having to stop another night. So we took off and rode hard with few stops, trying to make it back to Broken Arrow before dusk. We made it with no problem, and some time to spare.

This was a long trip but we saw some beautiful parts of America that we had never seen. Lots of deer, antelope, buffalo, and other wildlife, and all from atop our Goldwing. We have another trip to the Durango area in Colorado later this year, but we are planning on trailering our bike then.

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