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We went to Martinsville Virginia this  year and attended our first Nascar Race. We drove 2 days to get there and 2 days back but it was worth the trip.

 We visited the Bristol Tennessee racetrack last year on our motorcycle trip to New York and decided then that we wanted to attend a race there. But Cindy tried all year long to get tickets. We discovered they were very hard to come by and virtually impossible to get unless you already had season tickets. But we wanted our first race to at least be a short track because of being able to see all of the track and cars during the entire race. Since short tracks are few and far between in this part of the country Cindy tried the next closest short track and that was Martinsville Virginia. Because there is such a history of Nascar at the Martinsville track it was a great place to see our first race. Cindy got us great seats in between turns 3 & 4, about 3/4 of the way up the grandstands. They were perfect,  we were able to see the far end of the track at all time.

We stayed in Hillsville Virginia, a small town about 70 miles and a lot of 2 lane rode from Martinsville. We stayed there last year when we took our motorcycle trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway. So we decided to get a room there, and lucky for us they still had a couple of rooms because they were almost booked up due to the race.

The crowd at the race was unreal. It was amazing to see that many people and that many cars in such a small town. The town is so small and the track so large that all the spectators had to park in open fields and neighbors yards. There were no paved parking lots. But moving the traffic in and out from around the track they had down to a science and it seemed to move fairly smooth. Of course getting to the track 5 hours before the race started didn't hurt either.

Anyway we had a great time.  The only thing that might had made it better would have been sun screen (nice sunburn). Hope you enjoy the pictures. I kind of got caught up in the race and forgot to take very many.

Fog over the track early morning.

We wern't the only one there early.

Vendor trucks.

People camped out everywhere.

Lots of people tailgating.

Pit road hours before the race.

Mark Martins pit area right in front of us.

The garage area before the race.

The garage area before the race.

The tour trams before the race.

The track is crammed into the neighborhood. Notice the houses in the background.

People parked and camped everywhere.

Where they introduced the drivers. (notice the pace cars)

The stands before the race.

The fuel pump.

Lining up on pit road.

These stupid things flew over for hours before the race.

Before the race.

During the race.

TV cameras and spotters area on top of grandstands.

Skyboxes in grandstands on opposite end from us.

Introducing the drivers and loading them into new trucks for their introductions.

Filling fuel cans before the race starts.

Michael Waltrip & Casey Mears

Mark Martin & ?

Dale Jr. and Dale Jarret

Dale Jr. and Dale Jarret

Jeff Gordon & Kurt Busch.

Sterling Marlin & Elliot Sadler.

Tony Stewart & Jammie McMurray.

Tony Stewart & Jammie McMurray.

Pit Road during National Anthem.

C130 flying over before race.

C130 flying over before race.

C130 flying over before race.

This is the best shot I could get of Jack Rousch.

Parade Lap

Start of the race.

1st lap

1st lap damage.

1st lap damage.

Martin in the pits with damage.

Jr.came from 22nd place twice to take this car to a 4th place finish.

Martin with trouble again.

Bobby Labonte behind the wall with the Richard Petty car.