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This year we managed to get to Talladega, Alabama for the Nascar Busch and Nextel Cup races in April. We stayed approximately 40 miles from Talladega, which was the closest Comfort Inn we could find, in a town called Trussville. It's a suburb of Birmingham.

This is our second Nascar race that we have been to. We went to the Martinsville race last year. Martinsville is .5 miles long and is considered a "Short Track". Talladega is called a "Super Speedway" and is 2.6 miles long. So this was a much larger track and was harder to get to because of the size and the amount of people attending. The Talladega track holds 170,000 fans in the bleachers, plus what can get into the infield. It can best be described as a "Spectacle".

The race was a "restrictor plate" race. The lead changed almost every lap. There were very few caution flags, 70 laps before the first one. It would have been the perfect race except for it ending under a yellow flag. This was kind of disappointing, but the rest of the race made up for the end.

Jeff Gordon won the race, and this brought down a hail of (as the radio called it) "Beer Grenades". If it wasn't enough that he won the race, he managed to win the race under a yellow flag, on what would have been Dale Earnhardt Sr's birthday, passing Earnhardt Sr in lifetime wins, took the win from Earnhart Jr., and then proceeded to do a "Smokin Big" burnout in front of the grandstands, which was made up of 80% Earnhardt fans. This made the "Rednecks" mad. Thus they responded in the only way that they thought made sense. Throwing unopened beer cans approximately 10 stories down onto the track, race cars, race fans, etc.

Anyway here a few pictures of our trip.

The Talladega area before and after the race.

The Pre-Race pictures

The Nextel Cup race page 1

The Nextel Cup race page 2

The Busch race