There’s no easy way to say this, so we are just going to level with you. Your looks matter. Business is a harsh sector to operate in, so you’re going to have to grow a thick skin fast.

It’s really important that you look your best when you are working in the business. No, you don’t need to be supermodel sexy. No, you don’t need to be Hulk Hogan buff. What you do need, however, is self-respect and the decency to show up to meetings looking refreshed, professional, and ready to do business.

It is entirely inappropriate to show up to a business meeting, not at your best. When you show up to meetings ill-prepared, you are communicating to clients that you do not respect their time. If you are at negotiations with a competing rival, you are going to lose their respect and possibly put yourself and your firm in a vulnerable position. Never show up to a meeting hung-over, poorly dressed, or ill. It is not okay to show up anything less than 100%- whether to clients or competing rivals, you are representing your firm.

You’ll want to show up to meetings dressed as well as you can, too. Long gone are the days when you can show up in a ruffled shirt and slacks and claim you are ready to get started. People will expect you to be at your best, both mentally and physically- and your image should reflect that as well. Make sure to invest in some great looking attire that communicates you are ready for the responsibility delegated to you by your firm. Shopping at a store like Gap communicates that you understand the seriousness of the meeting, while also allowing you some freedom in how casual or formal you choose to dress. Gap has a wide variety of clothes, from button-down collared shirts to polo t-shirts. For discount codes, take a look at Groupon, to save more money at the Gap.

However, you choose to dress, make sure it fits the meeting you are attending. Be sure that you always err on the side of formal and you will always be in a prime position to impress others at the meeting, whether they be potential clients or long-time rivals.