Managing the human resource in your organization is all about creating the
best team for the tasks. Proper management not only builds a productive team,
but also reinforces and builds commitment, creating aspirations and the will
to work harder towards organizational goals. There are various principles you
have to follow to make sure the human resource delivers on your objectives.

Recruit Vigilantly

 Recruitment involves using objective tests that are written, oral, or
practical to gauge the ability of your employees. You can also use detailed
personal interviews to determine the right employee for the task. The tests
you use will show the capability, intelligence, as well as the commitment of
the employee in question.

One of the other vital tests that you can use is the pre-employment drug test.
This is crucial because it helps avoid future safety risks arising from drug-
related work accidents. This helps you avoid paying for liability due to
accidents. If you discover an employee is on drugs, it is best to refer them
to professionals who understand the causes and how to help.

In short, recruiting good employees is critical to the success of your

Perform Thorough Employee Orientation

Before job placement, you need to orient employees thoroughly. Brief them
thoroughly about the ideals of the company, philosophy, mission, and beliefs.
This makes the employee understand your way of thinking before starting the
job. A shared vision contributes to organizational success.

Employee Placement

It is now time to place the employee in the job. Make sure you place the
employee in a job that they are best suited. Give the employee an arrangement
that will enable them to work best. The work should relate to the training and
passion of the employee.

Placement is not enough, periodically assess and re-assess the performance of
the employee while rotating them to find their suitability.

Invest in Proper Staff Training

You need to invest in proper training for your employees. However, you can
only do this if you prove that the employee will stay with the organization
for long. You don’t just send any employee for training, you need to gauge
his or her willingness because training must generate returns.

Make sure you perform proper planning before you undertake the training. The
training regime must be relevant to the job at hand. There are various
principles that guide proper training in an organization. These principles

  • Going for online training to save on man-hours.
  • Opting for practical training rather than theoretical training.
  • Going for a shorter training rather than long-time training.
  • Undertaking on-the-job training rather than off-the-job training.

You need to find the best way to deliver training to your employees. This will
make sure you have only the best workers in the organization.

Appraise regularly

You need to understand how your employees are performing on the job. You can
do this by putting a timely performance appraisal in place. The appraisal must
be fair, transparent, and efficient.